NUMBER ONE QUESTION.  BRANDS?  Napoleon, Savannah, Regency, Valor.  NAPOLEON–best prices, has great Ascent series, getting better trims. SAVANNAH–Best value linear fireplace.   REGENCY–better trims, great log sets, new 3 sided linear.  VALOR–Lux trims, promotes radiant heat, best 3 sided linear with Heat Shift technology, premium pricing.  Napoleon is my #1 GOTO installation and we, Fireplace West,  have few to zero warranty calls with these four.  Most common service remedy is “change your batteries”.

INSERT VS FIREPLACE?  A gas FIREPLACE INSERT HAS TO GO INSIDE  a brick or metal fireplace.  Least intrusive, least expensive installation, one day.  A gas FIREPLACE is bigger and stands alone to be finished with framing, drywall, etc, one to four days Construction.

How much does a gas INSERT installation cost?  The Oakville series, GDI3N costs around $6000 installed,  one/two day project.  How much does a gas FIREPLACE swap cost?  A swap is where we remove a metal wood or gas fireplace and install a new gas FIREPLACE.   We charge approximately $7000 for a  wood to gas swap, Napoleon Ascent GX36 (my GOTO gas fireplace), the Ascent B42 (larger footprint) 3 days.  Stonework/tile adds about $2000  and up.  BBQ lines start at $350.  A great gas STOVE Napoleon GDS28, From $6000  Those are supply and install prices, HST extra.  Conditions apply.  (Capitals were used to differentiate not shout at you.)  haha

Does Fireplace West have a Store/salespeople?  Yes, we are online since 2012.  Fireplace West is a premier Gas Contractor which supplies and installs gas fireplaces and stoves.  Initial contact with us is through the Internet or phone.  Our site,, is our face to Ottawa.  Shopping is “online lite” with best personal service from the owner/mail contact/salesperson/installer, C Robin Hetherington.  126 five star reviews HOMESTARS!  

What do you supply?  We supply Top three, Canadian and North American  fireplace brands–Napoleon, Vermont Castings, and (limited linears).

Are you a Dealer?  NO.  We buy from local fireplace dealers (since the 80’s) and all of our products are covered by our one year parts and labour warranty as well as a full Manufacturer’s warranty from the local dealer.

Are you insured?  We carry $5 million liability (Federated Ins of Canada) and are covered by WSIB.  Fireplace West is an Ontario Fuels Safety Contractor TSSA FS R 0076507292 and I am a multi fuel G2 gas tech.  We have been Homestars VERIFIED, a  very intrusive COMPANY HEALTH check.

Best of Fireplace West?  Unlike other retailers, we actually do a lot of finishing including amazing drywall, ledgestone and some tile work.  I prefer simple, clean looks.

Awards?  Homestars Ottawa has given us a “BEST OF 2021” BEST OF” 6 Contractor awards and 2 “Giving Back” designations, noting our involvement with the local community.  Click on the HOMESTARS button at the bottom of our Homepage. Clients love us.

Pricing?  We are competitive.  With “Covid Normal”, everything takes longer, is tougher and in short supply.  Order early.

Will this be one of your favorite house projects?   YES!

Let’s Talk Fireplaces.  613-720-3186

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