“Start spending those RRSPs!” Years ago, attending my wife’s last retirement seminar, the Financial Planner uttered those words, Everyone gasped. “Not so, not so.”

It was a heck of an introduction to budgeting for this new phase of life. He went on to explain that many of his clients forgot to enjoy their retirement with simple pleasures like being warm in their own home. It is a disappointment to me, Robin Hetherington,, that we have failed to reach you. Converting an old brick or metal fireplace to gas is typically a one day job. A new Direct Vent, Canadian Made gas insert with installation, costs less than a small bathroom Reno.

Vermont Castings “Radiance” direct vent gas stove (our cat’s home)

Personally, in our home, we are the converted. We have gone from a wood stove/fireplace to a VC Radiance gas stove that was on all last winter to mid June. First on in the morning and last off before bed. At home, we essentially live in this kitchen/family room. Ultra cozy, we are always warm. A similar Fireplace West project would be $6000 to $8000.


This Napoleon HALIBURTON, can be installed from $6000 plus HST. This is a supply and install with unit, gaswork, beautiful flame, thermostatic remote, complete. Other models available.

Let’s talk Napoleon fireplaces. 613-720-3186

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