PROBABLY NOT if you are still using this RED TAGGED Majestic gas stove.  Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA)  has issued a Director’s Safety Order, September 14,2012,  updated in 2016,  affecting Majestic Gas Stove models FSDV22, FSDV30, FSDV32, D222, D232 Series.  Effective immediately,  those  affected models are not to be used because of an explosion risk caused by delayed ignition and faulty dampers.  A google search, TSSA  directors order FS-195-12r1 gives the Order.

 Stoves with the Prefix “R” in the model number are not included in the director’s order.

In the Ottawa area, we are replacing a couple of them now, are providing free removal of the affected stoves and are offering as replacement, Napoleon’s Havelock model gas stove, black door, 30,000BTU, fan, complete venting, gas hookup, and a thermostatic remote.  Complete installation is $4800 plus HST.  That stove is featured in my SHOWCASE  and is also on the Napoleon site through PRODUCTS on my HOMEPAGE.  It is a great , classic design for Napoleon.

We are offering the free removal only with the Havelock sale.  

If you are still heating with these stoves, for your safety,  stop.


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