Nautural Gas BBQ Line Checklist

Natural gas BBQ lines in the Ottawa, Kanata, Stittsville and Orleans area must be done to the Gas Code.  Fireplace West is your choice for a safe installation.  Here are some tips.

If you are buying a natural gas BBQ for the first time, you will have to have a gas line installed for it.   You need to provide an outside line that will deliver at least 70,000 BTU of heat.

1.  Check the BTU rating of the BBQ you are buying.

2.  The gas line is typically run in gas copper tubing from a gas tee in the furnace room to the outside.  Accept nothing less than 5/8″ copper.  1/2″ copper gas tubing run 20′ has the capacity to deliver no more than 50.000 BTU.  A run of 40 feet in 5/8″ copper  will provide at least 70K. More heat may require the line to be done in black iron pipe.  I see lots of BBQs over 60,000 BTU.

3.  A line can also be run outside from the gas meter (within 24″) along the wall to wherever.  Black or yellow plastic coated, copper are both appropriate.

4.  The contractor doing the job should have a TSSA number on the work vehicle and  they must be a gas tech 1 or 2.   If not a registered contractor, there is for sure no insurance.  Now you don’t have insurance.

5.  Finally ask for a written receipt with TSSA numbers and there should be a gas tag left at the furnace with the contractor’s information.