We sell Napoleon’s, Regency’s, Valor’s version of cozy, nesting, warm spaces, security.

Truth be told, when I come to your home, I’m there to pick up a check as deposit on your best Reno project ever. We are providing the best of Canadian, North American brands, dependable, classic good looks.

Our claim to fame, is that we are now removing those wood fireplaces that we installed in the 80’s/90’s. 2019 gas conversions. That was at the start of, Minto’s, Valecraft’s, Tartan’s, Chapel Hill, Convent Glen, Centrepointe. Loved it, every new home got a wood fireplace, a busy, busy time. These same properties are now due, overdue for a major refit. We want to be there for you.

Valor G3, logs, fluted black liner, square black trim

Changing the kitchen, $4200 up adds a Napoleon GX36 gas fireplace across the room. New suit with NEW SHOES. Do finish the first floor with Napoleon or Valor’s Horizon. Do add some heat to that basement Reno with Vermont Castings’s Radiance, $6000. Do sell your home quickly with or SWAP, Wood to Gas conversion, $5900, no Red Tagged conditions.

Vermont Castings RADIANCE, warming shelves, classic black.

Finally, enjoy the best of being warm and cozy. It will be lit for sure 200 times/year, not just Christmas.

We’d love to help you.

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