EXTREME WEATHER Your Friend The Gas Fireplace

Honestly, I hate updating this post.  I’VE STOPPED.

September 2017.  Hurricanes Harvey, Irma. 5 million without power.  Enough said.

May 7, 2017  In Ottawa, Gatineau, it is heartbreaking how many families are affected.  Homes lost; no insurance.  A Record April/May amount of precipitation.

Listening to the local news tonight, the common theme is be prepared to take care of yourself. Maybe a future post on what it takes……

August 22, hail, power out, trees down Ottawa, Montreal

May 7, the flooding is across Canada.

May 1, 2017–Why is it so cold?  May 7, rain, flooding and snow.

January 2017. White Christmas but rain and 70km winds 2 weeks later.  Power out for thousands.

December 2015—Green Christmas extrending into mid January 2016.

December 2014–Green Christmas in 80% of Canada.

November 2014–Buffalo gets 7′ of snow in two days, flooding to follow.

December 2013–Eastern Ontario and Toronto’s ice storm with homes without power for two weeks.

January 1998–Eastern Ontario’s ice storm.  Ottawa is without power for two weeks.  No power, no heat.ukraine-snow_2430881k

Would our gas fireplaces would keep on working?   Yes–no electricity, no problem.  The great North American brands, Napoleon, Regency and Vermont Castings, all work when the power is out.  It is a bit of magic and one that would bail ALL of my clients out of the cold.

Gas fireplaces depend on underground gas lines that can’t be touched by storms or power interruptions.  The heat from the fireplace pilot light, this small flame on all of Fireplace West’s fireplaces, creates enough millivolts of power to hold the main gas line open and will let the FP run forever.  Did you know that a call for furnace service in the middle of the night will be answered by “do you have a gas fireplace?”.  If you say yes, they will come at their leisure as they know you have heat. This last fall, there were actually shortages and back orders of fireplace products.  True story–last fall, one of my Valor clients felt they needed a fan installed to boost the heat out of their new unit.  I discovered their furnace had stopped working 3 weeks earlier and this small insert had been heating their home. They were impressed.  You need the comfort and safety of a backup heat source.   React to our extreme weather.  Don’t get caught again!!

Take care of yourself.  Fireplace West’s installations start at $4500 plus HST.  Get ready.  Be ready.

Let’s talk fireplaces.  613-720-3186, christopherrobin@fireplacwest.ca

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