This is YOUR #1 QUERY as we complete a fireplace PROJECT. A BIG YES! It is strongly recommended by FP manufacturers and the Canadian Gas Code. Other than keeping the glass clean, it can only be performed annually by a certified Gas Fireplace Tech.


With the fireplace off and cool, remove the glass and with a soft cloth and fireplace glass cleaner, carefully wipe off on both sides, any marks, any grey or white deposits. DO NOT USE ANYTHING CONTAINING AMMONIA LIKE WINDEX. Napoleon recommends a first glass cleaning after the first 10 hours of use. When reinstalling, take care for a proper fit with all latches done up. NEVER use it with the glass off.


I love doing a FIRST CLEANING as instantly I can tell how its been running for the last year and if adjustments are needed. I check for glass gone grey, logs out of place, dead batteries, questions??? And more. I remove any media, log sets, panels and the glass door. We remove any carbon buildup on the pilot assembly and parts., sweep the blower out and check any gaskets. Finally we change any batteries. We use only NEW Energizer, Duracell or Costco batteries. Did you know a common, expensive ($300) service repair is caused by LEAKING BATTERIES?


Finally we reassemble, test any safeties, free operation of gas controls and do a final Carbon Monoxide test to ensure proper operation. Any of our serviced units keep their awesome good looks for years.

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