BEST OF VALOR—Legend G3 GAS INSERT loves the Valor G3 gas insert. Since 2012, our business model has been to have none to zero warranty work. The G3 with the Valorstat remote system, delivers that, all without electricity.

Valor G3
Valor G3, Clearview fret and front, creekside rock kit, built into brick fireplace

In addition Valor’s Radiant Heat virtually reduces the need of a fan. It uses up to 25% less energy compared to conventional furnace systems. Again, no electricity, no problem.

Where we promote Valor is when extra finishing is required. An example would be in closing in a larger than normal fireplace opening (as in the picture above). Spending a bit more, we would offer an upgrade to the Valor brand for a premium look.

Fireplace West especially loves the classic good looks of the trims. They are plated as in the brushed nickel, copper or powder coated finishes for look and durability. The trim kit sizing, we find, covers most opening sizes. Oversized closure plates are available. BEST FEATURE that sets it apart from the pack; it goes from 24,000 BTU TO 6500 BTU. On a kitchen stove, that is simmer! The smaller flame/heat output means you can use it into spring and early fall. Amazing.

The Valor G3 is Fireplace West’s GOTO gas insert. This is not only because of its good looks but its smaller size fits the majority of fireplace openings. The controls are in the bottom of the unit which allows this. That and being a little less expensive than the larger G3.5 and G4 models, means it is our #1 fireplace insert. Love it.

Let’s talk Valor fireplaces!

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