BEST OF NAPOLEON—ASCENT SERIES GX36NTR loves the Napoleon Ascent GX36 gas fireplace. Since 2012, our business model has been to have none to zero warranty work. The GX36 with its low tech standing pilot system , delivers that, all without electricity. Napoleon is a Canadian company, units are fabricated in Barrie, ON.

Ascent GX36, thermostatic remote, fan, reflective panels, traditional logs

The GX36 is our GOTO gas fireplace because our main projects are our SWAPs. Our SWAP is where we remove those 80’s, 90’s rusting metal wood fireplaces and in a 2/3 day project install the Napoleon unit and repair the ceramic, drywall to a paint ready finish. It’s output, 26,000 BTU/ 14,000 doesn’t blow you out of your family room and clearances are compatible with most existing mantels. Approx cost is $7000 complete.

The advantage of the pilot assembly versus fireplaces running with electronic modules, besides being ultra dependable for long periods, is anyone can repair it quickly and cheaply. We are starting to see replacement modules becoming extinct (no longer available). Quick fireplace tip—do not install and finish with used fireplaces. You’ll end up with an expensive, good looking box in the room.

Finally, we sell them loaded, blower, remote, reflective panels, gaswork and electrical. We love Napoleon, great flame too.

Let’s talk Napoleon.

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