FIREPLACE WEST, Robin Hetherington, wish all Good Fortune and a Healthy 2019.

COLD ALERT. -37 C.  A fireplace is a cozy addition to your heating system.

SNOW ALERT!!  PLEASE USE your gas fireplace and inserts during snow storms to keep snow from blocking the chimney cap or sidewall termination.   Sometimes the blowing snow packs inside the cap and will stop it from running.  Same for your furnace.  Keep snow from blocking outside vents. Dig them out if covered.  Really important.

(PROBLEM)  “Robin, my flame is really wimpy or lifts of firebed and shuts off. “  See blowing snow above.  Start pilot light  if off, set at low flame and turn it on for 15 second intervals.  You are trying to melt the snow in the cap. Do it repeatedly and do longer cycles.  Shut off as flame lifts off.  Also will warm up in a few days.,,

(PROBLEM).  “Robin, I can’t turn on my fireplace.”  #1 service tip, Fireplace West, is to change batteries (Duracell) in BOTH hand remote and receiver box inside bott/side of fireplace if not turning on.

EMAIL HELL   My personal email, is giving a spot of trouble.  Use please.

Let’s talk fireplaces.

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