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Fireplace West’s Retirement Advice

“Start spending those RRSPs!!”  Everyone gasped.  That was the start of my,  about to retire wife’s,  last retirement seminar, 2009, put on by her employer,  Enercan.  I sat in on … Read more

EXTREME WEATHER Your Friend The Gas Fireplace

Honestly, I hate updating this post. September 2017.  Hyrricanes Harvey, Irma. 5 million without power.  Enough said. May 7, 2017  In Ottawa, Gatineau, it is heartbreaking how many families are … Read more

Fireplace West Best renovation deal in Ottawa

Fireplace West is a small, premier gas contractor.  We are two people, myself, Robin Hetherington and my young  employee, gas tech, Connor Whiteside.  We supply and install gas fireplaces, the … Read more