Reno, stone, Valor G3 by FWValor G3, brushed nickel trimsGDIZC gas insert in brick FPNapoleon GDS28 Gas stove, brushed nickel door and trivet   30K BTUValor L2 linear with new Heatshift technology, construction by FW.Napoleon GX70 into existing stonework"94 Minto wood to gas swap"  GD36 Napoleon fireplace,Regency P36 gas fireplace, stone by FWRegency  HZ40E. Amazing LinearRegency P33CE, Verona trim, FW drywall, framingNapolean GD33 With Ledgestone, small BTU unit but small room.  Fire will be seen longer without overheating the room.P36Deep Regencuy gas, stone by Integrity MasonaryNapoleon GX36 gas fireplace, Ikea shelving built in by FWNapoleon insert InspirationZCMajestic fireplace and mantel36 gas fireplace, wood to gas swapRegency P33CE, TV INSTALL, drywall by FWValor H4Valor G3, stone and framing by FWGX36 stone by FWValor H5, SWAP, mantel, tile by FWValor H4Napoleon GX36 wood to gas swapValor H5, bookmatched graniteValor G3.5 insert, drywall finish FWValor linear, Heat shift technology