Fireplace Installation

Why Fireplace West?

Check out our reviews on Homestars.  We are talented, family and answer our mail.  Projects get completed quickly and are beautifully done.

How do you shop at

I would like to think your experience with me is online “lite”. When I come into your home, I have already directed you to 3 great fireplace product sites. You are going to have some favourites picked out and I will be able to help you on what are probably your best options.

  1. You should have an idea of what you are looking for in a fireplace.
  2. A budget – at least $4200.
  3. How much do you want to do i.e.: frame a fireplace, tile, drywall.
  4. Get going,  you just made the best decision for your home.


WHAT  CLIENTS tell me after a job is completed. 

  • We have a fire every night.
  • I start the day reading the paper in warmth.
  • I fall asleep reading the paper in warmth.
  • I love the remote/log set/rock set/mirror back, stone…
  • My furnace never comes on.

WHO SHOULD BE talking to me?

  • Anyone doing a basement renovation. The fireplaces create instant heat and will be the centrepiece.
  • Anyone with a first generation gas fireplace 15+ years old (Carbon Monoxide worry).
  • Real Estate Agents.
  • Condo associations or homes that have large electric bills.
  • Anyone not using their wood fireplace.  (everyone except at Christms)

WHEN is a good time to buy?

  • Anytime!
  • But there are always extra deals in the winter and spring – RIGHT NOW!
  • In the fall it is crazy busy – so not many deals to be had.

Let’s talk fireplaces.  613-720-3186.