Fireplace West’s Retirement Advice

“Start spending those RRSPs!!”  Everyone gasped.  That was the start of my,  about to retire wife’s,  last retirement seminar, 2009, put on by her employer,  Enercan.  I sat in on it.

It’s a great strategy.  The leader told so many stories of clients who never got to enjoy retirement as life stalled with worries about money and health.  Guess what, you don’t need as much money and spending a little makes one feel good.  Treat, take care of yourself first!

We (Fireplace West) are in so many cold homes with wood fireplaces.  We can fix that in 1 to 3 days.  Fireplace West’s “fireplace swaps” are ABSOLUTELY the “Best Renovation Bargain” out there (often less than 1% of the home’s value).  Gas fireplace makeovers start from $5600 plus HST.  In Ottawa, there are thousands of 80’s/90’s zero clearance, black metal, wood fireplaces with rusting chimneys that are only lit at Christmas; no one is using them.  Let us change that forever.  Clients tell us “Why did I wait?”, “Beautiful”,  “We have supper in front of the fire every night”, “My favorite room”, “I’m warm!!!!”  Cozy will be your new word for 2017.

Personally, “I’m drinking the Koolaid” (taking my own advice) as my wife’s retirement triggered projects in our own 30 year old home.  A recent one was swapping out our wood stove for a Vermont Castings “Radiance” gas stove.  It was also my employee, Connor’s first project with me.  We are in awe of the stove’s good looks, ease of use and especially how warm and cozy our first floor living area is.

We supply and install the best of Canadian and North American Brands– NapoleonRegency and Vermont Castings.  Check out Fireplace West on for our great reviews.

“Let’s Talk Fireplaces”. (613)-720-3186.

Connor with Vermont Castings "Radiance'' gas stove

Connor with Vermont Castings “Radiance” gas stove

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