Fireplace West is going back to the future HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING


CCF08052013_00002 Fireplace West is going back to the future, we are going back to the future, FURNACES AND ACs.  To compliment our fireplace portfolio, we’re offering you our past strength, new home heating, in the Ottawa, Orleans, Kanata and Stittsville area  since the 80’s.

Our philosophy is to source excellence in product lines, Canadian and North American Made.  We are promoting the best hi efficiency gas furnace model out there,  the Goodman (Amana), GMVC95 PLUS 10 year parts and Labour extended warranty.  We are also offering matching Goodman 13 Seer matching AC units.  Optional extended Warranty available

This is the top furnace.  Imagine if your home has the original gas furnace with standing pilot light and a 25 year old chimney  That is 60% heating dollar efficiency compared with the Goodman 96.  An example of efficiencies.  If I install a 70,000BTU GMVC model at 96 % eff., that means the gas output is 70 times 96%.  This is 67,200 BTU of heat.  The old furnace that provides that amount of heat is probably around 100,000 BTU model or higher.  The output of a 60% old category one furnace is 67,200 divided  by .60 which is around 112,000 BTU of heat output.

Check your furnace and you’ll see this with probably around 100 K or higher in the basement.  That is a whole lot less gas being used.


The Goodman GMVC95, up to 96 efficient has a two stage gas valve, variable speed ECM fan motor and  standard 10 year parts, 10 year heat exchanger warranty, full transferable.  An additional extended 10 year Parts and Labour warranty is included in this offer.


Two stage heating means for most of the heating year, the furnace operates on low heating capacity but in the real cold, ramps up to 100% heat for a comfortable home.  The energy rating means that 96 cents of every $1.00 of heating expense warms your home.  I have converted to it in my own home.


We offer warranty options, matching AC units and a very Stripped Down Price, from $5100 for 70K BTU GMVC95. This offer INCLUDES  an extended 10 year Parts and Labour Warranty with Goodman, fully transferable.   Our pricing compares to units up to $6000 for the same level of product.  Pricing subject to change.


Our package includes a Goodman GMVC95 hi efficiency gas furnace, 20′ venting, Re and Re installation (replace existing  Hi Boy gas furnace), single stage heat/cool thermostat IF80-361, extended Parts and Labour Goodman Warranty and disposal of old furnace.  45, 70, 90 and 115 BTU models available.


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