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Fireplace West is a small, premier gas contractor. We are two people, myself, Robin Hetherington and my young son and apprentice, Matt. We sell and install gas fireplaces, the big brands, Napoleon, Vermont Castings, Regency and Valor. Matt and I are a bit of an odd couple. At 66, I think of myself as semi-retired and Matt at 22, thinks he will soon be retired (lottery win, being fired, divine--, etc). The good/bad news is that we are just busy all the time. I personally think it's because is such a great renovation bargain.

Fireplace West's timing is perfect as we are mirroring the New Home Industry where gas fireplaces are the norm. We are swapping out a lot of 80/90s wood fireplaces for gas as well as new projects. A small bathroom costs from $4000 to $10,000. We generally are in the low end of that range with our fireplaces and visually, a bigger pop.We are doing a basic fireplace, Napoleon GD36, direct vent, installed complete from $3400; a wood fireplace to gas swap out for less than $5000. We are installing gas inserts, Napoleon GDIZC from $3900 to Valor G3 to G3.5 for less than $5K. The bigger Legend, G4 Valor insert gets above $5000 depending on trims and if there is finishing involved.

Finishing is our strength; we have changed how inserts are installed. We make them fit; very few are plug and play. We have picked up our client's wishes to finish a floor where they spend most of their time. It's that new suit with an old pair of shoes where $25K is spent on a new kitchen with the 80s wood fireplace across the room (less than $5K). Let's talk,


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