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#1. Change batteries in hand remote and Receiver box inside bottom of fireplaces. Use Duracell. CHANGE BOTH LOCATIONS.
#2 light the pilot light.

Lighting two premium Canadian brands, Valor and Napoleon.

VALOR. On the hand remote, You have to press AT THE SAME TIME BOTH the LARGE FLAME key and the ORANGE DOT KEY. Hold for about 3 seconds. You (not me with lifetime of screaming drills) will hear some whirring and clicking before the flame magically appears. Patience--takes about 45 seconds. Might have to do it a few times. Then turn the unit on and off only with large and small flame keys. If you want to turn pilot off each time, then touch the ORANGE DOT. If there is no sparking, stop immediately, call for service.

NAPOLEON--FIND the 1. red or black BBQ clicker and 2. the pilot knob. The pilot knob is marked off/pilot/on and there is a white or red mark on the metal housing to note position. Turn the knob to the PILOT position and it will PUSH IN. PRESS AND HOLD IN. Immediately CLICK the lighter button repeatedly. Might take several tries if off for the summer. If you cannot see it sparking, Stop and call for service. When lit, continue holding the knob in for 30 seconds and let go. If it goes out, repeat. LAST STEP. Finally, TURN the PILOT KNOB TO THE ON POSITION. Try your remote a few times and it should light. The Napoleon GDIZ/ZC model knob is always stiff. Have a great winter.

We are booking into week 3 November. Be in a Rush. We need some projects!!!!! Trending is our famous wood to gas swaps. We have clients up and running with a total new look in TWO DAYS. APPROX $5300 PLUS HST. My continuing theme of BE PREPARED is never so true. Record rainfall, flooding, possible ice storms. My fireplaces will keep going when the power is OFF. Personally, I'm also recommending to buy at least a small generator. What I see is the lack of emergency resources.
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